2019 Activities Calendar


All Activities begin at 10:00 AM at the Picnic Tables by the Main Office

Memorial Day Weekend

  • Saturday
    • Flower Pot Creations – Embrace the summer seasons with decorating a flower pot to plant a flower or vegetable in.
  • Sunday
    • Ways to communicate – Make a telegraph, a tin can phone, and learn the Morse Code! Explore ancient ways we have communicated.
  • Monday
    • Memorial Day Parade! Bring a hat, wear sunscreen, and come greet everyone in the campground to a kick off to summer!

June 22-23 

  • Saturday
    • Fishermann Knot tying – How to tie a hook on a castline. Don’t let the worm fall off.
  • Sunday
    • Fish identification – Learn and draw the fishes found in Lake George.

June 29-30

  • Saturday
    • Make a Family Banner – Show us who you are. Make a Family Banner for your family to hang in your camper.
  • Sunday
    • Water Colors by the Pool – Come create your water color, inspired by the pool, the French Mountain, and each other.

July 4th-6

  • Thursday
    • 4th of July Parade! Bring hats, Sunglasses, a smile and a cheer to greet others on the 4th this year.
  • Friday
    • Potato Sack Race – Come in teams of 2 to 4. Please wear sneakers and be ready to hop.
  • Saturday
    • Sock Puppets – Come with your old socks, bandanas, and shirts! We shall create puppets and begin to rehearse a puppet show greeting campers to King Phillip’s Campground (Showing is Sunday Morning at 10:30am)
  • Sunday
    • Sock Puppet Show (continued from Saturday (July 6)

July 13-14

  • Saturday
    • King Phillip’s Triathalon! Come test your endurance with swimming, running, and throw. This is fun for all ages. Race time begins at 10am.
  • Sunday
    • Pine Press – Collect leaves, thin pine needles, and other forest pieces to create cold mats. Good for Placemats, Cold Beverage Coasters, and Wall Hangings.

July 20-21

  • Saturday
    • Christmas in July!! Come meet Santa, help deliver presents, and join Santa’s Summer Sleigh Team. Please be prepared to exchange presents.
      • Popsicle Stick Figures – create King Claus and his reindeer.

July 27-28

  • Saturday
    • WATER WARs!!!!!
      Bring your suits and towel and any water related items you may have and we will have a little war at the pool.  Squirt guns, water blasters, super soakers are available at the store if you forgot yours.

August 3

  • Saturday
    • Scavenger Hunt

      Come join the fun!!!
      Find the treasures of King Phillips
      See what you can find around the park

August 10

  • Saturday
    Join us in nature…..Make your own creature
    Using materials from the great outdoors!!
    Leaves, twigs, rocks, flowers , etc.
    See what your imagination can create!!!

August 17

  • Saturday
    • Build a popsicle birdhouse with a peanut butter pinecone feeder

      Lets help our feathered friends.

August 24

  • Saturday
    • Come experiment and make some Fluffy SLIME

      Also make some beautiful drawings and leave your mark

Labor Day Weekend (August 31-Sept 2)

  • Saturday
    Tye Dye – Bring your shirts, socks, and hats. We are tye dyeing our favorite shades of summer today to carry us through the Winter, til next year.
  • Sunday
    Slip n’ Slide – At King Phillip’s please wear your bathing suit, bring a towel. Smile and enjoy the slip n’ slide.

Balloon Festival (September 21)

  • Saturday

    Look to the skies, create a paper mache balloon to hang at your campsite.

Columbus Day Weekend (October 12-14)

  • Saturday
    • Lets collect leaves, thin pine needles and other pieces to make mats.  Good for placemats, drink coasters and a wall hanging.